DESCRIPTION: This page allows the shopper to contact their scheduler if there are questions or difficulties with a particular shop.

From your Shop Log click the Help/Contact button on an individual shop.


Only use this page if you have questions about a shop or need to notify the scheduler about difficulties with a shop. There is no need to email schedulers about shops that are progressing normally.

You must read all of the Frequently Asked Questions before using this feature. Simply click the "Frequently Asked Questions" link at the top of this page to go to the FAQ page.

Your mystery shopper account email on file will be in this field.

The scheduler of this shop will receive your email message.

This field cannot be changed. It starts with the text "Shopper Contact" and then contains your First and Last Name, followed by the shop information: Company Name, Location Name and ID, and Shop ID Number.

Enter your message to the scheduler in the provided narrative box.

Additional Information:
The following information will be included in your email to assist the scheduler:

  • Shop Number
  • Shopper (info on file) - Shopper First Name, Last Name, Shopper Phone Number, Shopper Email Address
  • Shop Due Date
  • Location - Company Name, Location Name and ID, Complete location address

Send Email
After you have filled in the email message, simply click Send Email button to email your message to the Scheduler.