SHOPPER Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stop/resume receiving emails?

You can turn off email notifications by going to My Profile from your Shopper Log, then click the Change link in the Account Status row. Now click the Do Not Email Shop Offers radio button. You can still apply for jobs through the Job Board, you just won't receive email notifications of new jobs.

You can resume receiving email notifications by repeating the same steps, just unclicking the radio button.

2. Who is SASSIE? Am I working for

No, you are working for Mystery Shop Providers who have chosen SASSIE as their software system. and LiveShopper Sassie are the publishers of the SASSIE mystery shopping system software. We do not schedule shops or process payments to mystery shoppers (we only provide support for system-wide technical issues).

3. What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

No problem! Simply enter the email address you signed up with, then click the Reset Password button.

4. How do I change my email address?

Click on the My Profile icon in the top menu bar on the Shopper Log page, then scroll down to Basic Account Information. Here you can change not only your email address, but any other way the Mystery Shop Provider can contact you plus personal information.

If you have an MSPA certification tied to the email address you are changing, your account will lose its certification. To restore this certification, simply go to the MSPA website and request a new certification code for your new email address. Enter this code on your Shopper Log page to restore your MSPA certification status for this account.  

5. Who do I call/email for assistance?

Please contact the Mystery Shop Provider you are working for directly for assistance with your shop. and LiveShopper Sassie know the software; we don't have the ability to assist you with shopping-related questions. If, while using SASSIE you experience an error message that instructs you to email that error message to or, PLEASE EMAIL US! We appreciate the assistance.  

6. Where are SASSIE jobs posted?

Mystery Shopping companies can choose to post their shops on their SASSIE Job Board and/or directly email invitations for shops you are qualified for. If you are interested in the shop, click the web address in the email to apply for the shop.

SASSIE shops are very frequently posted on JobSlinger, a free website that combines listings from SASSIE-using mystery shopping companies.  They are also posted on Presto Shopper, a site that combines SASSIE shop postings with Presto Insta-Shops and LiveShops.  

7. How can I find other companies that use SASSIE?

Our non-disclosure agreements prevent us from publishing a full list of companies that use SASSIE.

However, JobSlinger is a website that allows all SASSIE companies to post their jobs in one place. Sign up for a free JobSlinger account to view these jobs and apply for them.  

8. I tried to apply for a shop, but I got a "Page not found" error when I tried to apply for a shop.

Some email programs break up long internet addresses across two lines. In this case, clicking on the link will not bring you to the correct location. Copy the ENTIRE link and paste it into your browser to make the link work.

9. I got a Shopper Grade on my shop - what does it mean?

SASSIE gives Reviewers the option to grade a survey from 1-10 (or to give no grade at all). Each Mystery Shopping Provider uses these grades differently, so a score of 6 may be a good score for one mystery shop and a bad score for another. In most cases, shopper grading is a tool to give more shops to the hardest working shoppers.

NOTE: If a shop received no grade at all, it does NOT get factored into your Shopper Rating Average. Also, some mystery shopping providers do not use shopper grading, and some choose to not show shoppers their shopper grades.

10. I am trying to fill out a long form, need to take a break, and don't want to lose my work, what should I do?

If you're filling out a particularly long shopper survey and want to save your work, simply click on the Save Shop for Later button, then return to your survey when you're ready to continue filling out questions.

11. I no longer mystery shop, how do I deactivate my SASSIE account?

Log into each mystery shopping system that you shop for, go to My Profile and click the Change link in the Account Status row. Then choose the Deactive radio button. You can reactivate yourself at any time by logging in, going to your My Profile page and selecting the Active radio button.